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Christmas Lights | December 21, 2009 10:13 PM

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Prague, Czech Republic
4th Dec 2009 | 16:42:13
Nikon D300
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Well, I haven't posted anything on the blog for a long long time..

From starting Lightflows a couple of years ago, I've changed careers and am now working professionally as a photographer, which is a dream come true. The down side is, I am so busy working and promoting the business I haven't had time to sit down a post!

Any how... we've just returned from a pre Christmas break to Prague in the Czech Republic and I actually found time to relax and take some pictures for fun!

Prague really is a supremely picturesque city - with it's Christmas markets, interesting shops and alleys, wrapped up in the Eastern European architecture it's a photographers playground.

This shot is of some art installations we saw in one of the plaza's or squares in the town, there were a bunch of other interesting pieces to see, but this cage around the lights was the most attractive to me.

Hopefully I'll have more time to post over the holidays, and that just leaves time to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas!

Codefc | January 21, 2008 3:00 PM

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Prague, Czech Republic
06th Dec 07 | 11:54:03
Nikon D200
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I felt like posting a bit of bold colour today. This is yet another shot from the Czech capital, I will get round to posting more local shots soon ,I promise :-D

Again, not a lot to say about it , other than I love design, graphics and graffiti and this fits the bill. Stencils seem to be all the rage at the moment , what with the popularity of 'tha notorious' Banksy .

Something I discovered whilst processing this image is that I have been double sharpening my images, which has been causing a slightly crunchy look. I had been wondering why other sites pictures had a crisper look and now i've found out why.

I had been reducing my images from the master file using image resize and setting the filter as 'bicubic sharper - best for reduction' , then running smart sharpen. I did some tests and what i found was reducing the image size using regular 'bilinear' then running the smart sharpen produced much nicer results. Needless to say I am hastily reprocessing my shots as we speak.

Care to share your experience with sharpening techniques?